“There are rarely moments when there is no audible laughter from the audience.”​

- David Keane

About Risk Everything

Risk Everything is the last instalment in George F. Walker's Suburban Motel series, which explores the darker side of our capitalist society from the underdog's perspective. This fast-paced comedy follows Denise as she tries to free herself from a troubled past and become a respectable member of society. When her grifter mother shows up with a dangerous scheme and starts recruiting her T.V. addicted ex-con husband as an accomplice, it will take all of Denise’s resources and determination to keep from lapsing into her old ways. Throw an angry mob boss and a porn director neighbour into the mix and the family may have to risk everything to avoid losing it all.

As a special bonus, Cement Factory is reviving the tradition of presenting a short story before the feature event by inviting some of its friends to perform a 10-minute play before each show.

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