10-Minute Plays

The Question by David Healey  -  (May 14, 18, 21)

Director: Jane Spence

Cast:  Tim Cadeny and Shawn Thomas Erker



Everyone agrees that to escape is a good thing. But what happens when it’s your feelings that escape? Is anything ever the same? And can the magic eight ball make things right? The Question examines these riddles of the heart and shakes out a few answers along the way. 


Playwright’s Bio:

Originally from Halifax, Dave studied drama at Dalhousie University before moving to Toronto and working as an actor and improvisor. In the last couple of years, he has turned his hand to writing. He’s had numerous scripts featured at the Toronto Cold Reads series and Storefront Theatre’s Sing For Your Supper series. His plays have been performed in the Short, Short Play Festival in Toronto, Unit 102’s Operation 24, Pittsburgh’s New Works Festival, The Newmarket National Ten Minute Play Festival, Buffalo’s The Road Less Traveled Festival and Alumnae Theatre’s New Ideas Festival. 



Bitter Almonds by Michael Ripley  -  (May 15, 17, 22)

Cast: Michael Ripley


A man books the honeymoon suite with the intent of ending his life… the same room he and his late wife spent their wedding night. Why he’s chosen this particular night and why Fate seems determined to make things difficult for him is another story.

Playwright’s Bio:

Michael is a writer and performer with over 30 years experience. He’s acted on stages and behind the microphone from New Brunswick to Alberta and his writing has been performed around the world. His short play Nine Types of Ice was a gala finalist and audience selection at the Short + Sweet Festival in Sydney Australia (2012) and has been re-mounted in Auckland NZ, Melbourne AU, Dubai UAE, Delhi IN and Vals FR. In 2013 Nine Types was made into a film and subsequently selected by the prestigious Montreal World Film Festival. His television series Fire Proof has been optioned and is currently making the rounds in L.A. Other produced works include the short stage plays Lunch With Cassiopeia (The Storefront Theatre) and The Transformational Potential of Laundry (New Theatre, Sydney) and the full length plays, Letters to St. Rita (Red Sandcastle Theatre) and To Distraction (Toronto Fringe). A regular participant at Harold Award Winner Chris Owen’s Monday Nite Group where he routinely workshops new work, he is also a published poet and lyricist. As an actor on television he’s had roles on Suits, 12 Monkeys, State of Syn and Mayday. Film highlights include parts in Alex Boothby’s Mr. Viral and Jacob Tierney’s Twist.



300 Bucks by Allan Cooke  -  (May 16, 23, 25)

Cast: Carl Bauer, Jesse Bond


Two very different men have signed up for a medical trial with a rather violent requirement. As they wait for it all to kick-off, they question their motives for signing up, forming an unlikely alliance in this blackly-comic encounter.

Playwright’s Bio:

Allan Cooke is an actor / writer who has appeared in Murdoch Mysteries twice, has voiced for Assassin's Creed: Syndicate and We Happy Few, and has written for Mysteriously Yours Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre, and is returning to the Red Sandcastle after writing and appearing in The Best Dad in the World (& Other Sad Characters) - an absurd monologue show. He's very excited by this project and looks forward to all Cement Factory's artistic endeavours forthwith!

Serengeti* by Barry McKinley  -  (May 19, 24)

Cast: Allan Michael Brunet



Serengeti was recorded in 'one take' on a twisty Irish road during a snowstorm.  Using a voice recorder, I incorporated some events as they arose: A malfunctioning GPS device, mothers collecting kids from school. In my forthcoming novel, Rainy Town, the text of Serengeti appears as a memory, and a cautionary tale, delivered by a slow-driving taxi driver.   


Playwright’s Bio:

Barry McKinley spent a large chunk of his life travelling around the world, writing, working and sitting on barstools.  London, Paris, Sydney and Los Angeles; he spent a dozen years in New York City before returning to Ireland with his wife and twin sons in 2006.   His plays have been performed in the US, UK, and Continental Europe. He has written for the BBC and RTE and was nominated for Best New Play at the Irish Theatre Awards (Elysium Nevada) in 2010.  His stories were twice shortlisted for the Hennessy Literary Award and his novel, A Ton of Malice, was published in 2017 by Old Street Publishing (UK). A Ton of Malice is a chronicle of chaos from the late 1970's when McKinley, a young punk at the time, worked for British Nuclear Fuels Ltd.


This is a repeat of the performance that won the People’s Choice Award at the 2016 InspiraTO Festival (RedShow Series).